If you’re new to Barney’s Biscuit Boxes, we’re all about spreading awareness of the Puppy Farming industry. Opening the door to healthy dog biscuits and treats as well as fundraising for UK dog rescues, through the sale of healthy biscuits, treats and chews for dogs.

Puppy Farming

It’s a major underground industry that dupes people into paying hundreds of pounds for sick dogs. The puppies are kept in boxes and buckets as they are transported across Europe with many dying along the way. The poor mothers back on the farms are kept in horrendous surroundings and quite often never see daylight or walk on grass.

Healthy Dog Biscuits

Your visit will provide the opportunity to buy healthy dog biscuits and treats. Our Biscuit Boxes contain well-known ethical brands that only use the highest quality ingredients with NO additives or derivatives. Each Biscuit Box donates to a UK dog rescue and a fund designed to contribute to the medical expenses of dogs rescued from closing puppy farms. Check out our range.

Dog Rescues

Dog rescues are under-resourced, over-worked and over-populated with dogs. Still they are the organisations that pick up the pieces from the fallout of puppy farms and backstreet breeders, nursing ill and neglected dogs back to health and finding them loving homes. "In 2013 a Dogs Trust survey revealed that at any one time in the UK there are more than 110,000 stray or abandon dogs."