Handmade Artisan dog biscuits for dogs that deserve the best!
Using only human grade ingredients including fresh fruit and vegetables.
If you want to feed your dog the best;

About Us

About us

We are a small artisan company that produces high quality dog biscuit treats. We use human grade ingredients including fresh fruit and vegetables in our biscuits (no dry and powdered apples, bananas, blueberries, carrots, or cheese). Our biscuits have been developed in partnership with a dog nutritionist to ensure the necessary nutritional balance. We also wanted to produce a biscuit that Barney (our rescued puppy farmed dog) would chew, rather than use his tongue to channel it straight down his throat without a thought using his teeth!

We feel the health and welbeing of our pets should be a number 1 priority, after all we've taken on the responsibility of caring for them. Our biscuits are a great way to treat your dog(s) to a healthy, tasty treat.

For those less fortunate than your dog(s), we donate 15p from each bag of biscuits you buy to your favourite dog rescue in the UK. We also try to increase awareness of the Puppy Farming and Back Street Breeding industries.

Our Goals

Our philosophy

1. To promote health eating – Human grade natural ingredients, no additives, preservatives, derivatives, salt/ sugar
2. To raise awareness of ‘Adopt don’t shop‘ – Over 110,000 dogs in rescue and pounds across the UK
3. Shout about the work that dogs rescues carry out to save the lives of thousands of dogs each year
4. To raise awareness of the Puppy Farming and Back Street Breeding industry
5. To help those dogs less fortunate – we have our own fund which will hopefully save the lives of dogs
6. To produce healthy treats to make owners and dogs happy




We worked with a dog nutritionist to create biscuits for your dog that are healthy and nutritional. We put our heart and soul into every batch we bake to produce the best possible biscuits we can (not the best biscuit for a certain price). We use as much British produce as possible, all of it human grade quality, no additives, preservatives, derivatives, salt or sugar and definitely no meal. As we use fresh ingredients there is a big difference in look, flavour and smell of our biscuits, unlike mass produced dog biscuits.

As there are so many breeds of dogs, we produce our biscuits in 3 sizes of biscuits – 20mm, 45mm and 65mm, so even the largest of dogs will need to chew! Have a look at our range, we will be expanding the flavours over the coming months.