Dog Rescues

Adopt don't Shop!

A report carried out by the Dogs Trust in 2013 revealed that at any one time in the UK there are over 110,000 stray or abandon dogs. This shows there is NO NEED for the Puppy Farming industry.

It’s often overlooked the incredible job that rescues do for the animals they take in and rehome. 

They take in dogs that are:Wood Green Caring for dog

-Have survived their owners
-Found stray on the street
-Found in a state of neglect
-For a host of other reasons

Dogs are nursed back to full health and rehomed with the most appropriate families available.

Advice & Knowledge

SAA RescueRescues advise on what breed of dog match certain lifestyles. To try and eliminate the possibility the dog ending up back in rescue which impacts further on the dog through no fault of its own.

Why wouldn’t you ask the advice of experts? When buying a house or a car people get as much advice as possible to make the right decision. The same should always be done with a pet. They may not cost as much but, in all likelihood people have pets for longer than a car and possibly even a home. Plus the advice from rescue centres is FREE!