Puppy Farming

Puppy Farming

Puppy Farming and large scale backstreet breeding are ruthless commercial businesses, creating puppies at the lowest possible price to sell at the highest price. Puppies can be sold through pet shops, garden centres, the internet and free newspaper ads. The bitches are seen as machinery which the farmers want to get as much production out of as possible.

unhappy pawWelfare issues of the bitches and the puppies aside. The Kennel Club states that no bitch under 1 year of age should be bred from (some groups recommend this should be 2 years). The KC also state that bitches should only have 1 litter a year and should have a total of 4 litters throughout their life. On a puppy farm they may have had 4 litters by the time they are 2 years old. Overcrowding, no human interaction/ proper socialisation, automatic feeders and water dispensers, no sunlight or medical attention. It’s no kind of life for any animal, let alone 'Man’s best friend'.

Looking after the dogs/ puppies wastes money

Puppy Farm

Food is cheap and poor quality, so immune systems are weak. There's no veterinary attention so infections and fleas from the dirty conditions are common. Matted fur and growing claws are never trimmed and it is painful to walk. It doesn't matter how much they bark or whine for help no one comes.

The bitches have their puppies and start caring for them, but after a few weeks ( 5-6 weeks instead of the recommended 8) they're taken to be sold and the mother is put back into mating circulation. That's their life for the next 7-10 years when afterwards they’ll be thrown away.

Puppies are shipped across the country/ Europe. As they haven’t had a suitable weaning period with their mother's highly nutritious and anti-bacterial milk most are underweight, unvaccinated and highly susceptible to infection. They could have a host of genetic issues due to inbreeding and they may have contracted a host of diseases from the terrible conditions in which they were born. The puppies are typically sold by people posing as genuine pedigree breeders and they're part of their family.