We love dogs - and everything we do starts there.

We do this by creating dog treats. And not just any dog treats! We produce the best possible artisan small batch natural ingredient dog treats that we can. They are made with the finest ethically sourced natural ingredients along with the best ingredient of all... LOVE - the same love you feel for your canine pride and joy. We are of the opinion, if you're not doing something to the best of your ability, you may as well pack up and go home!

We don’t create our treats to a price point to make a certain amount of profit. We start with the best ingredients we can source, work with a dog nutritionist, use fresh natural ingredients, baked at low temperatures for longer to produce more nutrient rich treats that are better for dogs than mass produced biscuits.

The ingredients for our air-dried jerky (to be launched in 2024) are sourced from local small holding farms and a local stalker who is charged with keeping the local wildlife at a population size that doesn't endanger a balanced eco-system.

However, we don't just love our dogs and those of our valued customers, but all dogs, especially those in need. That's why we support dog rescues. A donation from every packet of treats we sell goes into a pot and is donated to dog rescues that are not blessed with the luxury of big corporate sponsors.