Creating the best treats we can. Not profit led, not ease of production led, only led by the health, welfare (and taste buds) of the dogs we are proud to bake for.

As much as we can we will use UK ingredients, obviously some things such as bananas will come from warmer climates but apples, carrots, oats, flour and honey are all sourced from right here in Britain. Also, a lot of the meat we use comes from local small holding farmers. This means the meat is very fresh and has almost no transportation miles.

That has led us to create a biscuit that is unique in the market. Not only do we use fresh ingredients; we try and create flavours that are a little different; Apple & Cheese, Blueberry & Honey, Carrot & Ginger. It's great to speak to customers who's dog usually gets meat based products and then they see their dog gobble up our biscuits. Or when customers come up to us at markets and their first words our "Our dog loves your biscuits" it makes us so happy.