Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits
Carrot & Ginger Biscuits

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Carrot & Ginger Biscuits


Our Carrot & Ginger biscuits are handmade and contain freshly juiced and pulped Carrot and Root Ginger plus many other high quality ingredients including a touch of cinnamon.

► Suitable for dogs 6 months and older
► Our biscuits are quite a strong and suit dogs who aren't afraid to chew
► Handmade in Buckinghamshire
► Biscuits come in 3 different sizes: 20mm; 45mm or 65mm
► All packets contain a minimum 150g

*Large biscuits are baked to order. This will delay the dispatch day

Our Fresh Carrot & Ginger biscuits smell amazing when you open the packet, they can be beneficial for your dog as well!


Oats, Spelt Flour, Organic Buckwheat Flour, Fresh Carrot (34%), Cold Pressed English Rapeseed Oil, Linseeds, English Wildflower Honey, Fresh Root Ginger (2%), Cinnamon

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 11.03%, Crude Fibres 4.96%, Crude Oil & Fat 12.78%, Inorganic Matter 2.15%


► We use oats for a slow and consistent energy release. Oats are high in protein (good for general body function) and soluble fibres (helps keep the tummy working properly).
► We add Organic Buckwheat flour and Spelt flour. Buckwheat is actually a berry so gluten and grain free. It also has a low glycaemic value to help avoid blood sugar spikes. Spelt is a species of wheat that contains a different type of lower strength gluten than normal wheat. It's high in protein and dietary fibre.
► Fresh Carrot provides Beta-Carotene and vitamin A to help support your dog's immune system, skin and coat. Plus they're low in calories and fat!
► We add Fresh Root of Ginger which is a great natural anti-inflammatory, is anti-bacterial and aids digestion.
► We also add English Wildflower Honey, cold pressed English Rapeseed Oil and whole Linseeds. Honey is extremely nutritious for dogs. It provides several vitamins. It can help with allergies, fight infections and digestive problems. Rapeseed Oil helps add essential fatty acids that could help your dog's skin, coat and digestion. The Linseeds provide omega-3 oils for skin and coat.
► Finally we add some cinnamon which contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to slow or stop bacteria growth. Cinnamon can help regulate bloody sugar levels as well.