Organic Beef Heart Jerky
Organic Beef Heart Jerky

Organic Beef Heart Jerky

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You may be surprised to read that organic beef heart is a delicacy for humans in many countries across the world. We source the best hearts from organic beef farms across the UK.

We simply trim the hearts of exterior fat, cartilage and a few other bits and pieces; slice them into thin slices and dry them in our dehydrators at a very low heat for several hours. Once ready they are vacuum packed and stored ready for purchase.

Each packet contains 45g of air-dried Organic Beef Heart Jerky. The 45g of dog salivating Organic Beef Heart Jerky originally weighed in at over 125g of fresh organic beef heart, but is now at around 15% moisture content.


Organic Beef Heart (100%)

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 62%, Crude Fibres 1.00%, Crude Oil & Fat 11.00%, Inorganic Matter 3.8%