Handmade Dog Treats

Made the way you want them made

Your dog is your family. So our hand-made treats are made with the care and quality your fur family deserves:
      - Human-grade, ethically sourced ingredients
      - Fresh ingredients that you can smell (and you dog can taste!)
      - No additives or preservatives
      - Baked at low temperatures to retain nutritional value
      - Every batch baked and packed by hand for the ultimate quality control
      - But best of all; doggy taste test APPROVED!!

We love all dogs; our dogs, your dogs and even those we haven't met yet. Especially those in difficult circumstances, which is why a proportion of every packet we sell is donated to dogs in need.

Top Sellers
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The '3-Pack Saver' Biscuit Box
Barney's Biscuit Boxes
Apple & Cheese Biscuits
Barney's Biscuit Boxes
Apple & Venison Biscuits

When we say fresh ingredients, we really do mean fresh. It's not a marketing term such as 'freshly prepared'.

The named ingredients in our biscuits like, 'Apple & Cheese', 'Chicken Liver', 'Carrot & Ginger' are the real unadulterated deal and are simply juiced, pulped, grated or minced (even sliced for our air-dried treats) to go straight into the dough. No fillers, no bulking agents, no cheating. Our priority is quality, not profit.

You can smell the freshness of the ingredients we use and even see it. The beta-carotene in the carrot turns the biscuit slightly orange. The chicken liver turns the biscuit deep brown and the cheese turns the biscuit more grilled cheese in colour than a traditional beige biscuit.

Fresh ingredients also means individual textures that your dog will love! This is caused by different moisture levels and bake times for each batch of biscuits. Peanut butter is our most crumbly biscuit and chicken liver our 'snappiest'. We air-dry all our meat only treats to around 20% moisture so they are also quite crunchy.